Wasserschiebefolie auf Glas und Porzellan

Water slide film on glass and porcelain

Individual motifs on porcelain or glass with water slide film

Anyone can knock sayings, even a glass!

Statements can be read everywhere at the moment, whether on T-shirts, cups, glasses... funny, inspiring and cool sayings in beautiful lettering in black, gold, bronze can be seen everywhere. I don't know about you, but at least I can't get enough of it. And that awakens the DIY spirit 😉

You need:

... glasses, cups
... water slide film from SKULLPAPER
… Printer
… Scissors
... a bowl of lukewarm water and a few ideas

Cut DIY water slide film to fit glass and porcelain

You can find glasses and cups in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Tip: if you need inspiration, look around in various stores or browse online, for example. B. on Pinterest. You can also find some there at SKULLPAPER Ideas.

You can easily create your lettering (or motifs) in the WORD document. You can find various lettering in calligraphic style for free download from various sites on the internet.

Then print it out on the water slide film in the highest possible quality and cut it into shape - it's best to cut the motif very close to the edge or rectangular/square.
A tip: it helps if you arrange the motifs in a table in the WORD document and set the frame dotted or gray. This gives you a line that you can use to cut out the motif straight and cleanly.

DIY water slide film on glass and porcelain in waterPlace DIY water slide film on glass and porcelain in the water

Place your cut out motif in the water bowl and let it soak for approx. 30-60 seconds (depending on size). You will see when the foil slowly starts to come off. Moisten the area to be glued on your glass (or cup) and slide your motif onto the glass. You can smooth out corners and edges at your leisure. You can also moisten areas again if a corner doesn't quite want to stay in place. The delicate version requires a little patience and sensitivity. Finally, wipe everything dry with a towel.

DIY water slide film on glass and porcelain on cup

Now comes the drying process: either you let it dry overnight or you use your oven. To do this, put the glass in the oven for about 15-20 minutes and heat it to 110 degrees. Make sure the glass can withstand the heat.

Heat DIY water slide film on glass and porcelain in the oven

DIY water slide film on glass and porcelain Cheers

Make your own water slide film on glass and porcelain

Depending on your wishes, you can seal the cup or glass with colorless varnish at the end of the drying process. So it lasts and lasts and lasts 🙂

Have fun with it!

To be continued: Cereal bowls have been purchased and the motifs have already been selected and printed.

Stay tuned! I am happy!
Until the next creative DIY post!

DIY water slide film on glass and porcelain prints

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