Baby Strampler mit Transferfolie

Baby romper with transfer film

Beautify cute baby rompers with your own motif
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Can you learn to be creative? Or is creativity innate?

I believe that I was born with the creative gene. Not necessarily from my dad, but definitely from my mom.

Even as a small child, my two big brothers and I wore a lot of homemade clothing. Whether sewing, crocheting or knitting, my mom has a great talent for handicrafts. She is the creative mind in our family, her heart beats for homemade things.

After she started knitting and crocheting hats again after a long break, but I only have one head, which unfortunately can only wear one hat at a time, we started thinking about the idea of ​​our own little label together - a little skeptical at first, but ultimately full of energy, ideas and confidence. We quickly found a name: cinnamon blossom.

Well, what can you say... the cinnamon blossom will be five years old on February 13th, and every day new homemade things are created in the cinnamon blossom workshop.

We, my mom and I, are big fans of the transfer film from SKULLPAPER. It can be used to brighten up many textiles and design them individually.

The “Little Fox” baby romper is brand new.

When it comes to implementing new ideas, I always support my mom with advice and support. Fabrics and motifs are selected and combined together.

I am always responsible for transferring the motifs with the SKULLPAPER transfer film, as well as attaching the snap fasteners.

You need:

... transfer film from SKULLPAPER
... an inkjet printer or laser printer
... a nice motif iron
and fabric or a garment , homemade or purchased

DIY baby romper material

Creativity - whether innate or not, the Internet offers many opportunities to be creative with DIY ideas, help and DIY templates. SKULLPAPER also offers some design templates for you to create in the shop.

To match the Little FOX jersey by designer Mutturalla, we used a freebie available on the internet and ironed it onto the self-sewn romper.

DIY baby romper theme idea

Usually you should make sure that you print your motif in a mirror image on the transfer film in order to bring it back in the right direction by ironing it on. That didn't matter for my motive.

DIY Baby Romper Transfer Sheet Printout

It is important to distribute the heat and pressure evenly on the transfer film when ironing at the highest level so that no corners come off the textile.

DIY baby romper home officeIron on DIY baby romper transfer film

As soon as the foil is lukewarm, you can slowly and carefully peel off the foil.

DIY Baby Onesie Paper Peel Off

If you haven't ironed enough and your motif is peeling off in some places, take a piece of baking paper (under no circumstances conventional typewriter paper), place it on the motif and iron over it again for a few seconds. In contrast to the transfer film before, the baking paper should be removed from the textile while it is hot.

DIY baby romper parchment paper

And voilà – your motif is completely transferred to the textile and your individual DIY garment is finished.

DIY baby romper baby bodysuit

The beauty of the transfer film is the diverse possibilities that can be implemented. Here you can see examples of how very individual wishes of zimtblüte customers could be fulfilled with the help of the transfer film from SKULLPAPER: a pineapple-crazy mother wanted a sweet, summery jumper for her baby.

DIY Baby Romper Pineapple Jumper Stripe Colorful

Or a gift from the godmother for a sailing family for the birth of the baby with an anchor on her stomach.

DIY Baby Romper Anchor Stripe Blue Ducks

You see, with the help of the DIY transfer film from SKULLPAPER you can design many simple T-shirts, pillowcases and all textiles according to your taste. They are not only suitable for personal use, they also make excellent gifts.

I am sure that the cinnamon blossom will continue to have great DIY ideas for using the transfer film. To stay up to date, just keep checking back here on the blog.

Now it is your turn! Design your own DIY textile with the transfer film. Would you rather print on a dark fabric? No problem either! At SKULLPAPER there are films for light and dark fabrics, just click on them.

If you want, show me your DIY project. Use the hashtag #meinDIYskullpaper on Instagram.

Have fun being creative!

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