Tina Konietzny - Süßkeks

Tina Konietzny - Süßkeks

Hi Tina, schön, dass du dabei bist, freut mich sehr. Ich habe immer wieder gesehen, dass du deine Projekte unter Verwendung unserer Skullpaper-Produkte auf Instagram geteilt hast. Und so habe ich g...
Juliane Voß - Handgemachte Kerzen

Juliane Voß - Handmade candles

Hi Juliane, nice to have you with us. I always look on Instagram to see what our customers are doing with our products. And your candles always caught my eye, for which you also used our water slid...
Selina Günther - Ausgefallen
Stifte & Pinsel

Selina Günther - Unusual

Hi Selina, nice to have you here. Tell us a little about yourself, what you do, who you are, etc. Just get started... Yes hi, I'm Selina. In 2018 I started hand lettering and discovered a new ho...
Julia Lenartz - Digitale und analoge Letterings

Julia Lenartz - Digital and analog letterings

Hi Julia, nice to be able to interview you here via Zoom. Just start and tell us a little about yourself. Who are you and what do you do? Yes hi, I'm Julia Lenartz. I am a graphic designer and h...
Pavo Ivkovic - Sketchnotes und mehr

Pavo Ivkovic - sketchnotes and more

Hi Pavo, nice to have you here. Tell us a little about what you do... Who are you and what do you do? Hi, I'm Pavo, now - at least on social media - probably better known under my pseudonym “dja...
Nina Rötters - Lettern ist wie eine Art Meditation

Nina Rötters - Lettering is like a kind of meditation

Just tell us a little about what you do and what your work is about. I started hand lettering in the fall of 2016. I've been painting and drawing since I could hold a pen. For a while I just pa...
Franziska Feistner - Handlettering & Watercolor

Franziska Feistner - hand lettering & watercolor

Describe to us what you offer and what you do? What is letteritoutloud about? “letteritoutloud” is primarily about inspiration and assistance. I want to inspire people out there and help them le...
Kerstin Rackerseder - Feines mit Stift & Feder, Pinsel & Farbe

Kerstin Rackerseder - Fine things with pen & feather, brush & paint

Just describe what you do, Kerstin... I offer creative time out in the form of workshops. The focus here is hand lettering, brush lettering and modern calligraphy. Very interesting… Who are...