The story behind SKULLPAPER...


Hi and welcome to Skullpaper. We are happy to have you with us.

I'm Ronny. Founder and creative mind behind Skullpaper and our products. I have been working in the creative field for many years. Initially as an employee and later with my own ideas. Over the years I have learned an incredible amount about prints, foils and the corresponding materials. Above all, how to achieve the best results with the right materials...

Over time, my desire for “something of my own” became stronger and stronger. I wanted to work on my own projects and finally make my many ideas come true. The question I asked myself:

“What can I do where I know my stuff, have experience and can use my creativity? Something that I enjoy and where I can develop myself…?”


So I started selling iron-on films for T-shirts. At that time, printing T-shirts was a huge trend and I wanted to get involved. The problem was that even after a long search, I couldn't find an iron-on film that convinced me of quality. From my years of experience with such materials, I knew that there was a better way.

So I contacted dozens of film manufacturers and began testing tirelessly. My goal was to find a film that home users could easily use to print t-shirts at home. Plain and simple with instructions that everyone can understand and less complicated than what was available on the market. This iron-on film was Skullpaper's very first product and is still highly sought after by our customers.


Today - a few years later, Skullpaper not only offers different foils for printing on textiles and other materials, but also a variety of pens for lettering, bullet journaling, illustrations and much more.

A real playground with products for creative people like you and me. Many of our products that you can find at Skullpaper today were created directly from the ideas and wishes of our customers.
I keep getting messages via Facebook or Instagram like this one:

"Hey Ronny, aren't there other products from Skullpaper? Can't you make a foil that I can use to print different motifs and then stick them on my key ring?"

And that's exactly what I enjoy and what makes our Skullpaper products so special...

We develop our products based on the feedback and wishes of our customers. This is the only way we can offer you the best tools to make your creative wishes and ideas come true.

I'm glad you're with us