Einzigartige Looks mit selbst gemachten Aufklebern

Unique looks with homemade stickers

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We recently introduced our brand new, white sticker film...

The new sticker film is perfect for customizing items such as cell phone cases, suitcases, drinking bottles, cups and other smooth surfaces with your homemade stickers.

And don't be afraid...

The adhesive film is not only waterproof and scratch-resistant (and therefore looks good for a long time), but can also be removed from the surface without leaving any residue:

Since the new white sticker film is still brand new to the Skullpaper range, you can currently order it with a whopping 17% new discount. The discount is valid for a limited time. After that, the film is only available at the regular price.

The film can be printed with a conventional inkjet printer. Many other inkjet printed films smudge and lose color when they come into contact with water. Not so with the new white sticker film from Skullpaper.

This makes the film suitable, for example, for objects that can get wet from time to time.

If you would like to personalize glasses, bottles, your laptop, your cell phone, your vacation suitcase or other items with self-made stickers, then grab the new, white sticker film directly via the following link:

👉🏻 https://www.skullpaper.com/products/Sticker-Film-Weiss-Inkjet

Best regards

⁃ Ronny

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