Personalisierte Kerzen zur Geburt?

Personalized candles for birth?

Unique looks with homemade stickers Reading Personalized candles for birth? 2 minutes

A few days ago Juliane from @flausenimkopfkerze surprised me with an original, new idea...

On her Insta account, Juliane shared with us the “making of” one of her favorite orders from a customer...

This involves making a personalized birth candle with a name and a suitable motif. A great idea as an individual and unique gift from friends, family, grandparents and acquaintances.

Juliane documented how the whole thing works via video on her Instagram account. In the video you can see how Juliane transfers the designed and printed motif (including the name) onto a white pillar candle using our water slide film:

👉🏻 Click here for the video of Juliane's birth candle

And if you want to decorate a candle yourself for an occasion of your choice, then you can find the right material in the form of water slide film and print templates directly in the Skullpaper online shop .

With our new “1+1 promotion” you will receive a print template of your choice free of charge when you purchase a pack of water slide film. It doesn’t matter which version of the water slide film you choose. Simply place the water slide film and print template together in the shopping cart and enter the discount code “1+1” at checkout.

Best regards

- Ronny

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