DIY Shopper – und das ganz ohne Plastik

DIY shopper – and all without plastic

Design personal cotton bags with iron-on foil
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One trip to my favorite discount store and suddenly I have a pile of plastic waste: the pears are put in a separate bag, just like the apples, peaches and vegetables. A similar problem when shopping. Today you are asked at the checkout whether you would like to buy a plastic bag to transport your shopping, but far too often you still say yes because you have a bag or bag at hand.

Not anymore! Thanks to SKULLPAPER, I now always have a nice DIY fabric bag in my handbag and in my car in which I can put all my purchases, whether from the supermarket or my favorite clothing store.

DIY shopper transfer film

You can get the fabric bags from SKULLPAPER and you can choose between white and black bags. They are made of 100 percent cotton, therefore very robust and can be individually designed with the DIY transfer film.

When buying the transfer film, you should pay attention to whether you want to print on light or dark textiles - there are different films for this. I think it's really brilliant that when you buy the transfer film you get free motif templates to download. The templates range from beautiful maritime motifs, floral elements, the alphabet to funny sayings.

To suit summer and the holiday season, I individually designed a black cotton bag with a beautiful lighthouse (motif from the free templates). I did the lettering with Word. It's easy, fun and the results are impressive!

You need:

... Premium textile transfer film from SKULLPAPER (for light or dark fabrics)
... an inkjet printer
... a cloth bag or another textile
... a pretty motif , whether from the motif templates or designed by yourself
… a scissors
... a hard, heat-resistant surface
and an iron

The application of the transfer film for dark fabrics is slightly different than that of the film for light fabrics.

Once you have washed your cotton bag and found a suitable motif, you can print it directly onto the transfer film. Here you are not allowed to reflect images, sayings or similar things like you would with the light foil. You select plain paper and optimal photo quality in the printer settings, place your film as a single sheet in the feeder and press print.

DIY Shopper Transfer Film Printout

After your print has dried for a few minutes, you can cut it out using simple paper scissors. Make sure that you don't leave any borders unless you want a white border around your motif. All non-printed areas on the film appear as a white area.

Cut out DIY shopper transfer foil

Next, prepare your work surface. You should make sure to use a hard and heat-resistant surface. This way you can create even pressure when ironing. Set your iron to the highest setting and turn off the steam function.

Now it's time to iron on your motif. Carefully peel off your DIY printed textile transfer film from the paper backing and place it with the printed side up on the desired area of ​​your textile.

DIY shopper transfer film peel off

The transfer foil package contains DIN A4 parchment paper. You now place this over your entire print image.

DIY shopper transfer film transfer paper

Using even movements, iron thoroughly over your covered motif for two to three minutes. Heat and pressure affect the quality of your image. Therefore, iron very carefully and under constant pressure, especially the corners and edges, to prevent them from coming loose.

DIY shopper transfer film iron-on film

Finally, let your motif and parchment paper cool down for a few minutes. You can then carefully peel off the paper. If you notice that your motif is still coming off in some places, simply iron over it again for a few minutes.

Save the parchment paper for your future DIY products. If it becomes a little damaged over time and frequent ironing, you can simply use a piece of baking paper.

DIY shopper transfer film shopping bag

Since a black bag doesn't always go with the outfit, I printed a white fabric bag. Here too, I used the free motif templates, but the DIY transfer film from SKULLPAPER for light-colored fabrics.

Simply printed out my Instagram name _zuckerbee_ with the great alphabet, placed a few floral elements around it for decoration and you're done!

DIY shopper transfer film inkjet printer

Another DIY shopper, without any plastic!

DIY shopper transfer film bag
DIY Shopper Transfer Film Shopping Bags

I find it very sad to see the extent to which our throwaway society has reached. Something must and can change. And why not start with it in your own home.

If you want, help make our earth plastic-free. It's so simple, fun and we're doing something really good for our world!

Now it is your turn! Design your own DIY bags and show them to me on Instagram using the hashtag #myDIYskullpaper

Have fun being creative!

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