Beschriftung von Kindergarten Kleidung mit Transferfolie

Labeling kindergarten clothing with transfer foil

Simply iron your child's name tag onto the fabric
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You can easily label your children's clothing with T-shirt transfer film. This means that the items of clothing are not mixed up in kindergarten, are less likely to be lost and also look pretty! Leonie from Lila wie Liebe shows you her idea using her self-sewn children's clothing.

It's that easy:

The name is printed together with the kindergarten symbol (here: a butterfly) on T-shirt transfer film, cut out and ironed into the clothing. There is space for so many name tags on a single A4 page that they are usually enough for more than an entire kindergarten year!


It's best to use the T-shirt transfer film for dark fabrics from SKULLPAPER, it's the most flexible - because you can of course also iron it onto light fabrics ("for dark fabrics" - that just means that the "background" of the foil is white). You can use the transfer film with one Inkjet printer or Laser printer print (there are 2 different foils for this). The “signs” can be easily washed (colored laundry, 30-40°). You can even get a perfect result on stretchy fabrics (especially with these small labels).

Clothing labels
Name labels on clothing

This post is part of the blog post “Fit for kindergarten” by Lila-wie-Liebe, where many other kindergarten tips are presented alongside this one.

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