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This is how you apply your motifs to tea towels using iron-on foil
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DIY tea towels with a fun motif

You need:

 Transfer film for light-colored fabrics Inkjet A4
… a Inkjet printer
... the fruit motif
and a Iron

When naked white tea towels hide in the fabric box.
Then, of course, it's up to them.
Since the luxury of a dishwasher, the tea towel has moved from 100% necessity to a chic decoration in the kitchen. I like to work in the kitchen and have funny tea towels hanging up.
So this discovery came at just the right time for me.

Let's start with a fun DIY for your kitchen

Motif on transfer film (motifs to print out)

You can always find fresh lemons in my kitchen... oh, I just love them.
And so it's not surprising that there was suddenly a sliced ​​lemon on my drawing sheet.
There was also a delicious pear (nam) and the case encouraged me to draw 2 eyes.
In short: fruit is also compatible with my eyes.
Oh, I just couldn't help it.


The motifs are sketched by hand and then revised on the PC.
I have placed both of you fruits on one leaf.

DIY_transfer foil_on_dishcloth_naughty_fruit

Free to print for you:

A suitable text is a thing in itself.
And it's all a matter of taste.
The kitchen dance saying simply matched the pear. I came up with the lyrics to the lemon.
Just pick something, play with fonts and adapt it for yourself.
Remember: print out mirror image

Iron on transfer film

A solid base is very important when ironing.
I iron directly on the table and place a shower towel (doubled) under the work. Works so great.

DIY_transfer foil_on_teacloth_ironing foil

I used the transfer film for light fabrics from SKULLPAPER again. As I had hoped, I had a great result.
Iron on – cool – peel off:

DIY_transfer film_on_teacloth_peel off

I first ironed the fruit motifs in the middle and then aligned the writing at the height of the tea towel.
If you're curious and you're already peeling off the backing paper:
Be sure to protect these motifs with baking paper or a small piece of fabric before continuing to iron.
Not that you're ruining the motif. (I already have it behind me)

And voilà, you have 2 funny tea towels that you made yourself.
The cloth has not lost its feel as a result.

DIY_transfer foil_on_teacloth_motif

The tea towels (from the craft area) are larger than the standard ones and do not have a hanging mechanism.
Presumably to allow the use of the cloth in portrait/landscape format.
Mine can only be washed at 40°C. In this case it's not even a disadvantage because the transfer film cannot tolerate higher temperatures.

Well, are you interested?
It's quick and helps in this bad weather - at least when working in the kitchen.

Kind regards… Kathrin

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