Franziska Feistner - Handlettering & Watercolor

Franziska Feistner - hand lettering & watercolor

Describe to us what you offer and what you do? What is letteritoutloud about?

“letteritoutloud” is primarily about inspiration and assistance. I want to inspire people out there and help them learn about hand lettering or watercolor. I also have an online shop and a new studio in which there is also a small sales area with the most common hand lettering and watercolor materials. In addition, you will also find the products that I have already been able to design or develop with several companies. For example, there are my books “Your Handwriting” and “44 Handlettering Alphabets” (EMF Verlag), or some stickers that I was able to design together with Avery Zweckform. I have also been able to design many postcards and folding cards and my own watercolor box with “White Nights” colors will be published soon. So for me it's about the basics - what is hand lettering/watercolor anyway and how do I get started with it? - but also about products designed by myself.

How did you get into writing in the first place? And how did letteritoutloud develop from this?

I actually got into hand lettering by chance in January 2017. Watch out, now it's getting cheesy! I wanted to make an album for my husband - since he was still a fitter in the field at the time and often only at home on weekends - with photos from all over the world. I wanted to show him that I love him everywhere; no matter where he is ;-)

Anyway, back then someone sent me a photo with a beautiful, handwritten card in “lettering style”. I was immediately blown away and wanted to learn it too. So I googled and found out how it all works; Bought pens & paper and off we went. Since then, I've hardly watched any television anymore, because I prefer to sit at my desk and get creative. I taught everything myself using step-by-step and I'm a bit proud of it.

Just do it, it could be good!

I saw you also offer hand-lettering workshops? Who are these workshops aimed at and what do you learn there?

That's right. I gave my first hand lettering workshop in March 2018 and have done so regularly since then. I've had all kinds of people in my workshops, from ages 8 to 73. And that's exactly the great thing, because everyone can learn it - whether young or old. There are many different options for a workshop, so that almost everything is included, from beginners to advanced - even the kids' workshops are always well attended. Since I'm opening my own studio in October, I can now finally offer my workshops in my own four walls. Depending on the workshop, the basics of hand lettering and watercolor are learned, as well as effects such as layout, blending, shadows, etc. Depending on You can book the corresponding workshop to find out exactly what you want to learn.

Where would you like to be with letteritoutloud in 5 years? What are your future plans?

That's a really difficult question, because if you had told me 5 years ago where I currently stand, I probably would have just laughed. I think that's hard to predict with creative jobs like the one I now have. What I definitely want is to continue to inspire people. With everything else, I let myself be surprised and always keep my motto “Just do it, it could be good!” in the back of my mind.

In addition to your website, you also have an Instagram account with a huge number of followers. What can your followers expect there?

Everything. So whatever I feel like doing at the moment. Sometimes it's about hand lettering, sometimes it's about the basics, every now and then there's DIY or even watercolor. Here and there there's also a little insight into my private life.

What are your favorite tools in your daily work? What do you like to work with the most and why?

I think it's the mix that counts. I enjoy working with pen or brush on paper, as well as digitally with my iPad. I am particularly in love with the combination of the two. Digitizing analogue fonts or images simply fascinates me. You can do so much and you don't necessarily have to concentrate on a single thing.

Today, when a beginner asks you how best to get started with lettering... What do you tell him/her?

I would tell him - and I do this again and again in my workshops: "It doesn't get easier, you get better!" Practice is the be-all and end-all - hand lettering is like riding a bike. At some point it will work itself out. And with the right material, almost nothing can go wrong.

What I would also like to say is that you have to cut down on self-criticism. Every hand lettering artist started at some point and there is no such thing as perfect. So if you see sayings or pictures that look perfect to you, don't let yourself be put off, because this artist also started doing it at some point and may have had the same difficulties as you at the beginning. Just don't give up and be confused by seemingly perfect works!

How did you come across the Skullpaper brand? Are there any products that you enjoy working with the most? What are they and why?

To be honest, I can't say 100% anymore, but I think it all started with the workshops. I was looking for material and then came across Skullpaper. I prefer and actually use the Skullpaper Blackliners most often - they are my absolute favorite fineliners. They are permanent - i.e. waterproof - and also really black. Many waterproof fineliners often have more of a gray tone and that just bothers me. But I also really like the chalk markers - especially that they come in different font weights.

Do you have any tips for us on what we can do even better with our products?

I think it would be nice if the fineliners were also available individually :) Otherwise, I love Skullpaper and am really happy to have found the brand.

If someone wants to find out more about you and your work, where is the best place to do that?

It's best to scan the QR code with your handheld camera, because from there you can get to all of my pages on the common social media platforms. Otherwise you are welcome to visit my homepage and on the rest of the internet such as Facebook or Instagram you can find me as “letteritoutloud” :)


Images: ©Franziska Feistner

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