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Selina Günther - Unusual

Hi Selina, nice to have you here. Tell us a little about yourself, what you do, who you are, etc. Just get started...

Yes hi, I'm Selina. In 2018 I started hand lettering and discovered a new hobby. I've always been creative, but I only started lettering in 2018 after I bought a book about it. So I found a new hobby for myself and expanded the whole thing even further with the topics of watercolor and watercolor painting

Do you remember which book that was?

Yes, that was from Mrs. Hell. I was walking through a bookstore and spotted the book. There weren't that many books on the subject back then and hers was one of the first. I immediately found it interesting and then bought it and started working on it.

Everyone can be whatever they want.

Describe to us a little bit how this started, how did you get started with it?

First I got some pens, leafed through the book and did and tried out the exercises in it. I'm the kind of person I like to try things out myself and learn new things myself. I immediately enjoyed it and, especially at the beginning, you quickly see success. And so I came up with the idea of ​​sharing the whole thing online.

Where are you active online now?

On Facebook , Instagram and TikTok . Most of it currently on Instagram and TikTok. There's a lot going on in this area on Instagram and I'm still setting up TikTok.

Do you have a specific goal for why you share your images online?

No, actually I only do this for myself. At first I thought I wanted to build up a huge reach, but now I'm only creative for myself. I put the pictures online, but I do it primarily to wind down, switch off and relax.

I'm a person who doesn't go with the wave, but likes to do my own thing. It's often the case on Instagram - especially with some challenges - that tons of pictures are posted, but in the end the quality suffers. I would rather show off my own style and live out the creativity that is within me rather than mass produce. This is also something I would like to pass on to others. I don't think it's about posting a picture every day at 4 p.m. (or whenever) with the aim of getting lots of followers. Especially not if your own creativity is neglected. I want what I do to be recognizable and convey my own style instead of just producing uniformity.

How would you describe your own style?

Actually, exactly the same as I am. Unusual, varied and always looking for new things that inspire me.

Describe us a bit, how did you find this style for yourself?

I would say that was the middle of last year. I said to myself that I would only do what I really liked. I only post what connects me to art. I think right now you see a lot of things that look the same or very similar. That's good because there are a lot of beginners and you have to find yourself first. But sometimes the creative and individual aspect gets lost a bit. Especially if you only ever do what “person xyz” does and never develop beyond that. I think that's a shame.
Everyone can be whatever he/she wants to be. Even if it's difficult at the beginning to have your own style, I think that should always be the goal.

What are your best tips for this? Especially for someone who is just starting out and hasn't yet found their own style?

In any case, be a lot creative and think about yourself a lot. Sit down, scroll through Instagram or TikTok and choose things that appeal to you and then let your creativity flow. You can learn to be creative. I used to hardly ever paint, at most I did a little crafting. I never thought I would get into painting like this myself. A lot of things just come with practice. If you get inspiration on Instagram, TikTok or in magazines, your own ideas will come. And you should try to put them on paper. Inspiration is very important. I also regularly look through my news feed, take screenshots and note the things that I particularly like.

What are the accounts that particularly inspire you? Which ones do you like to watch?

Stefan Kuntz, he has a huge account on the subject of typography and hand lettering. I've been following this for a while now. And definitely “cock over board”. This is more in the acrylic area but a really great artist where I say “I want to go there too.”

Did you initially have a hurdle sharing your own stuff online or did it come naturally to you?

No, I didn't have any problems with that at all. I see this as a learning or development process. And you have that everywhere in life. You develop further the older you get. Therefore, I had no fear of contact with this.

Would you also recommend this to a beginner? “Learning in public” so to speak?

This helped me a lot because we exchanged a lot with the community. Especially in terms of materials and styles. I would say everyone has to decide for themselves how ready they are for it. Although I have to say that, for example, no one has ever written anything stupid under my picture. You should still feel safe, but it will definitely get you further. You come out of yourself more and you can show what you're made of. Of course, it's all work that should be worthwhile and, above all, fun.
It quickly happens that a lot of pressure arises and you only focus on “post, post, post”. For the first few months, I did what everyone else does and went with the flow. Until I realized “that’s not me.” Because I'm not like that in normal life either. Nowadays I only upload something when I really feel like it. Otherwise it blocks me and my creativity.

If a beginner came to you today and asked you for your best tips... What would you tell him/her?

Definitely get lots of inspiration. This is particularly important at the beginning. Whether through accounts online or through books. You get to know yourself better through the whole thing and that's exactly what's important.
Learn what you like and how you feel while painting and being creative. Of course, courses and workshops can also help and, above all, get in touch with the community and ask questions. Especially when it comes to materials, this is now a huge market that can quickly overwhelm a beginner. Especially when it comes to materials, I wouldn't try to save money at the beginning. The cheapest things are often just nothing. You quickly lose interest, especially at the beginning. It's better to invest in good material instead of trying to save money.

How did you become aware of Skullpaper products?

I'm not sure which post I saw the products in, but I immediately thought the logo was really cool. That's exactly my thing. And also the colors, white, blue and black. And then I wrote to one of you asking if I could try out the products and I received some. Especially my favorite pens, the Blackliners. I absolutely love them and they are in every picture I take. I don't use any others anymore either.

If one of our readers would like to get in touch with you and perhaps has further questions for you, where is the best place to do so?

Instagram. Simply send a private message via Instagram, that's the best way to reach me.

Selina, thank you very much for your time and your great tips in this interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

So first of all, I'm super happy that I can be here. Especially because I really enjoy using Skullpaper products and use them every day.
One more thing comes to mind... If you're a beginner and want to exchange ideas with others, you can easily find people in your area via eBay classifieds or Instagram. I have a small hand lettering group myself. Even though we haven't been able to see each other for a while, we've had coffee together several times, exchanged ideas and painted and lettered together. Above all, the exchange is super interesting and, especially as a beginner, you can get great tips. And if there is no such option in your own region, you can set it up yourself.

How did you start your regulars’ table back then?

I had an acquaintance who did this and that's how I came into contact with other creative people. At some point it fell apart and then I took it over. I then wrote to everyone I knew in the area and organized our meetings via a WhatsApp group. I've even been asked about it at the doctor once, where someone recognized me from my Instagram. She also wanted to learn the topic and so I invited her to the WhatsApp group. This often creates great contacts and friendships and that makes the whole thing very interesting.

Thank you, Selina.


Images: ©Selina Günther

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