Kreidemalerei mit Kreidemarkern

Chalk painting with chalk markers

Leave your temporary chalk art on many surfaces with chalk markers
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If you look at my documents, folders, notebooks, calendars and work materials, you will definitely find a little heart that I have painted, floral patterns and elements, sayings, love messages or other little things in different shapes, fonts and colors. I love making things my own by simply putting my fingerprint on them and immortalizing myself on them. And what can I say... Thanks to the great chalk markers from Skullpaper, I have now painted a wide variety of things in my apartment.

CAUTION!!!! very addictive potential!

... especially if you should actually turn to beautiful mathematics and, among other things, learn the main theorem of arithmetic. But being creative is so much nicer, it's far more fun and it allows you to switch off, wind down and give your head a soothing break. So, let's go!

DIY Chalk Marker Set Colors

You need:

... chalk markers from SKULLPAPER
... a smooth surface
… one creative Idea – whether it’s a saying, a motif or a pattern

I started my table in the kitchen according to the motto “May makes everything new!” I freed them from their old scribbles during the spring cleaning of the apartment, because as we all know, cleaning is more fun during the learning phase than the learning itself. But it couldn't be done without labeling and decoration.

DIY chalk marker set memo board

May and the beginning of the berry season also heralds pancake season at Ganstoll. So that we can have the recipe ready quickly when preparing breakfast in the morning, I wrote it down on the board. And actually, since then we've had delicious berry pancakes for breakfast twice, which were eaten nowhere other than on our small but nice balcony. ... and as a precaution, it was also written that we would definitely find the door to Balcony.

DIY Chalk Marker Set-Stained Glass

Speaking of the balcony. Since our balcony is south-facing and there is no shade, the sun bleaches all textiles very quickly. This has prevented me from sewing a bunting out of cotton fabrics. But why sew a bunting when you can easily draw it yourself with chalk markers.

DIY Chalk Marker Set Jar

And if the sun manages to bleach out the colors here too, that won't be a problem. The brilliant thing about chalk paints is that you can easily wipe them off with a damp sponge or glass cleaner and reapply them straight away after the surface has dried.

SKULLPAPER's chalk markers are suitable for painting on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, ceramics and plastic. To make sure the paint is suitable for your chalkboard or painted surface, try it out on a small area.

In the kitchen, I also labeled my storage containers for sugar and flour myself with the chalk pens.

DIY chalk marker set stickers

It is very helpful that you can easily pull out the tip of the marker with the included tweezers and reinsert it with the other side of the tip. This makes it possible for you to create very fine labels.

DIY chalk marker set-tip_change

I also left a little love message for my little boy on the ceramic tiles in the kitchen.

DIY Chalk Marker Set Tiles.

Quite secretly, but promptly, the answer came. When I went to the bathroom this morning, pretty sleepy and not in a good mood because I had a day at the desk ahead, I found this on our mirror:

DIY Chalk Marker Set Mirror

Simply: “YOU + ME” – that’s all you need! Sweet is not it?

As you can see, I'm not the only one who loves the chalk markers. Really great DIY projects can be implemented. I particularly like the variety of colors of the chalk markers: the pack not only contains the usual standard colors black, white, red and blue, but also extends to pink, purple, yellow, green, orange and brown. There are even gold and silver colored markers. You can definitely use them to implement great DIY ideas at Christmas time.

I haven't used the chalkboard stickers included in the package yet because my household containers already had a chalkboard surface.

DIY chalk marker set with blackboard sticker and tweezers

But it certainly won't take long until the DIY labels come into use. For example, you could stick and label a notebook, boxes and drawers with it.

I definitely already have some ideas – I’ll keep you posted.

Now it is your turn! Show me your DIY home design ideas on Instagram with the #myDIYskullpaper

... and always remember:


DIY Chalk Marker Set Gift

Have fun being creative!

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