DIY Fanshirt

DIY fan shirt

Make your own fan shirts with player numbers or your own motif

Always these players' wives...

After almost 16 years, my friend Simon ended his handball career. I invited all his friends, colleagues and family to his last home game and motivated them to say goodbye to him properly. Simon, also called AIRGOOSI, or the Fly Goose, had his very own fan club - people cheered, clapped and celebrated.

DIY_Fan_TShirt_Transfer Folie_Fans

But I myself am probably his biggest fan. And everyone could see that that day.

I bought a plain white shirt in advance and then turned it into a DIY fan T-shirt.

You need:

textile transfer film from SKULLPAPER
... an inkjet printer (Alternatively, the film is also available for laser printer)
… a motive
... a textile
... a hard, flat and heat-resistant surface
and an iron .

I decided to print Simon's player number along with his last name on the back so it resembles a player's jersey.

When printing on the transfer film, make sure that you first turn your motif in a mirror image and print it onto the film. Ironing it on will then put it back in the right direction.


Before you iron on your motif, you should shape it and cut it out. Remember to leave a small edge and round off the corners so that nothing comes loose later after repeated washing and ironing.

Position your design on your T-shirt and iron over it at full heat for one to two minutes while applying constant pressure. If your textile is not very heat-resistant, simply place a tea towel between the T-shirt and the iron. The ironing process may take a little longer here.

Now let the SKULLPAPER transfer film cool down a bit. As soon as it is lukewarm you can carefully peel off the foil.

I printed Simon's player number 23 in small and his first name on the front of my DIY fan T-shirt.


So now everyone could really see who I belong to and who I cheer for.

A little tip from me!
If you print a T-shirt on the front and back, you should not simply iron it inside out, as the heat can cause the motifs to stick to each other. Simply take a cloth, place it directly on your motif and iron over it. This means your motif stays like new even after many washes and ironing sessions.

The last handball game was a complete success! ... and Simon was very happy too 🙂

DIY_Fan_TShirt_Transfer Folie_bright_Textilien
DIY_Fanshirt_Transfer Folie_weisse_Textilien

It's so simple and a lot of fun to design DIY T-shirts and, above all, to wear and present them later.

I'm already planning and coming up with ideas on how I can design DIY fan T-shirts with iron-on film from SKULLPAPER for myself and my friends for the upcoming World Cup.

Do you have any idea? Then show me on Instagram under that #myDIYskullpaper

Have fun being creative!

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