Hand lettering with a variety of line widths

The love of writing things beautifully, sketching them and embellishing them with flourishes has been in me for a long time. All postcards are made, painted and written by hand. That's why I was happy when Skullpaper released the BlackLinerSet. A set consisting of eight black liners, each with a different thickness.

Since the year is still quite young, my traineeship only starts in a few days, and I still have a lot of free time and really wanted to create something with the great liners, I have worked on my annual “resolution bucket to do list”. daring.

I know that over time you tend to throw away your resolutions and fall into old patterns, but I think it's very important, especially for me personally, to think about it and find out what I may have neglected over the past year what has been good for me, what should I get rid of, what things can continue as they are and what do I actually want to achieve. Since I like things to be “different” - why simple when it can be complicated - a simple list is not enough for me. I design my DIY resolution bucket to-do list with small doodles, pictures and different fonts - the main thing is different and beautiful!

You need:
... paper
... resolutions, a motif, a saying or something similar
… a pencil
… an eraser
... and the BlackLiner Set from Skullpaper

In the last few weeks I've finally really discovered hand lettering. So why not add that to my list. ... and when you have great BlackLiners like those from Skullpaper, it flows like a charm.


Well okay, almost! It takes a bit of practice...

Since I'm still a beginner at hand lettering, I write and draw everything with a fine pencil. This way I can try things out, erase them, make them better and beautify them.

Blackliner_Set sketches

If my self-written words and sketched pictures meet my requirements, I trace all the lines with the Blickliners. The great thing about this is the different tips of the pens. No matter how small and fine or large and thick the lines should be, there is always a suitable liner available.

Blackliner_Set Comics

With other pens I was used to the fact that the thin pencil lines show through the black tone, so that you have to erase completely over what was written and drawn. This had the disadvantage that often the paint wasn't dry yet and I smeared everything. In addition, the black lost its strength through erasing, so I usually ran the pen over all the lines one more time.

I can save myself this often annoying work with the BlackLiners from Skullpaper. The strong black of the liners completely covers the pencil lines without having to erase them afterwards. If you can see a pencil line, because I optimized my writing again with the liner, it can easily be erased without the black blurring and losing its strength.


I also use Skullpaper liners for other DIY projects.
As already mentioned, I practice hand lettering. Here I wrote and hung a few pictures for my new apartment.

Blackliner_Set picture frames

I also write the entries in my calendar, my recipe book and my bullet journal with the BlackLiners. Just like my DIY postcards.


But as if the BlackLiners weren't enough, no! Skullpaper also has great brush pens that make hand lettering a lot of fun.


The pen set includes 20 colors, ranging from different shades of yellow, to red and green, to shades of blue. The pens have flexible tips, making them particularly suitable for lettering. I have to admit that I still need a lot of practice before I can really see the results. But as the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect!”

Blackliner_Set weekly schedule

And if holding the pen vertically and applying different pressure works better, then the water brush, which is included in the BrushPenSet from Skullpaper, will also be used more often. So far I've only dared to try it out.

Blackliner_Set Lettering

To achieve the watercolor effect, fill the lower container of the water brush with water and screw it tight again. Now take a small plate or a plastic board on which you can spread the paint from the BrushPens. To do this, simply paint a small area in color.


To regulate the water flow in the brush, turn it with the tip downwards, press on the thicker part of the water container until a drop of water can be seen on the tip of the brush. Now use the water brush to pick up the color you want and apply it to the page. Since the water in the water container does not absorb paint but only the tip of the brush, you have to hold the tip into the paint again after almost every line. This gives you really great watercolor effects and you can even mix different colors together.

Blackliner_Set brush pens

I can imagine that the BrushPens with water brushes will be another must-have from Skullpaper on my teacher's desk and in my classroom as a future primary school teacher. The children love working with watercolors in school lessons. However, this always requires a lot of time and patience. I think the Watercolor BrushPens are a great alternative to watercolors because you can just take them out and use them for a few minutes. The effort involved is very low, the children can be creative and it is at least as much fun as with real watercolors. However, it would be important for me to explain to the children that the pens have fine brush tips that must be handled carefully and carefully. But the children have to learn that too.

I can use the brush pens to design worksheets, posters and station work.

But more on that later. Now I'm starting my traineeship and trying everything out - I'll report back!

Now it is your turn! Grab the BlackLiners and BrushPens from Skullpaper and let off steam. If you feel like it, show me your DIY projects on Instagram with the hashtag #myDIYskullpaper!

Have fun being creative!

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